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Getting out of your own way

You're starting to feel defeated and unsure. You've questioned, researched and developed possible solutions, but have not moved forward with implementing any of them. You're mind is filled with even more questions. The questions could cover strategic direction, client impact or other. For example: Is it a good opportunity? Is it the right opportunity? Is it in the right industry? Does it fit my niche market? Does it solve the right problem? Is it the right solution? and lastly.. Are the right people involved? And so on…

Ideally, if or should I say when these thoughts occur, you want to process them quickly and move on. What if you can't? What if you are stuck?

Here are three tips to getting out of your own way and to continue moving forward:

b2ap3_thumbnail_coffee.jpg1.) Take a Break

Seem obvious? Not always. Many times the simple act of walking away provides you with a fresher approach, new idea or the illusive solution to the challenge circling your brain. Here's the thing, it doesn't have to be a long break. I've been known to go for water or coffee only to return with scribbled notes outlining the solution, plan or idea that addresses my latest conundrum. Changing position, can change perspective.


b2ap3_thumbnail_twopeople.png 2.) Seek Counsel

This is where having trusted and valued advisors comes in handy. Reach out. Sometimes the mere act of sharing your thoughts clears things up. If you don't find yourself having an "ah ha" moment during the recitation, then perhaps a question, comment or suggestion brings an idea you hadn't considered to the surface. There's a saying, something about no man being an island, well no business is an island either. Share challenges and leverage experiences to create a resolution.


b2ap3_thumbnail_believeinyourself.png3.) Believe

Ok so I said that taking a break might be obvious, this on the other hand should be obvious. Believe you have the ability to resolve the issue, form an idea, implement an idea, or whatever it is circling in your mind. Believe you have what it takes to get it done. You got to where you are because you believed that you were capable. It is difficult at times and many, if not everyone, has momentary lapses. Remember if you believe, others will too.

Got it? Does it help? Let's recap:

  1. Take a Break - changing position, can change perspective
  2. Seek Counsel - share challenges and leverage experiences to create a resolution
  3. Believe - if you believe others will too

Here's to getting out of your own way!

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