You may have heard that on December 15th, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) voted to repeal Net Neutrality. If you are unclear what Net Neutrality and what it means to you, this Fortune Magazine article, Net Neutrality Explained: What It Means (and Why It Matters) is a great place to start.  

As someone who depends on the internet for my livelihood, I'm watching these events very closely.  Having been was once affected by throttling, prior to the 2015 changes, I worry that I will be affected once again, probably worse than before.

Please read Joomla’s Response to Overturning Net Neutrality in the United States.  As you may be aware, Joomla is our preferred CMS (content management system).  They include several calls-to-action which include supporting the "dissenting FCC members, regardless of partisan politics".      This is not just a web developer concern, this is a concern for everyone who uses the internet.  Some of the issues that net neutrality addresses are:

Click here to read the official releases from the FCC including the statement from Chairman Pai

I encourage everyone to better understand Net Neutrality and should you agree that this is cause for concern, "call, mail letters, and visit your elected officials to directly relay your displeasure, to ask for accountability, and demand reinstatement of Net Neutrality".


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