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Pizza, Bugs and Fun Saturday, Oct 19th


We are pleased to announce that we are hosting Pizza, Bugs and Fun on Saturday, October 19th.  This is worldwide event that brings together the Joomla! community to document and test future versions of our favorite content management system (CMS).   You may be thinking that this event is not for you because you're not a hard core developer, but WAIT!  This event is for EVERYONE - newbies, implementers, designers, developers, literally everyone.  

This year's event expects to have 500+ participants worldwide.  You can be one of them!  The cost to you is your time, talent, community spirit, and maybe even your waistline with the free food.

​What is the event PBF
You may have heard PBF tossed around the Joomla! community.  PBF stands for Pizza, Bugs and Fun.  This event otherwise known as "Joomla! make it happen day", started way back with Joomla 1.5.  As you know Joomla is a community driven and developed CMS.  That means that all the way from the framework, to the core code base, to the documentation is all done by community members like you and me.  

​What happens at PBF
​Starting at 9 am in your local timezone, participants gather together.  The tasks are grouped to make it easy to find somewhere to jump in and help.  The facilitator (that's us), will help everyone get things setup. Then for the next few hours, usually until 5 pm local time, the community crushes bugs, solves issues and updates documentation.

​What can I do, I'm not a developer
For those who don't spend their days dreaming of different ways to use PHP, CSS or javascript, there is still PLENTY that you can do.  Here's some of what you can do:

  • Test fixes and provide feedback - Did the fix work? Did it not?  Was there unexpected behavior?
  • Confirm bugs - Is it really an issue?
  • Documentation updates - Does it make sense?  The Joomla documentation is meant to be useful to everyone, newbies on up
  • Translate documentation - Joomla is a multilingual system used worldwide, the documentation should support many languages
​Will there really Pizza?
YES!  There will really be pizza, and other refreshments to keep you going throughout the day. 

​Do I need special software to participate?
All participants will need to bring a laptop.  

If you are testing fixes and/or confirming bugs, you will need to create/have access to a GitHub BEFORE the event.  You have the option of using a PBF Online environment or a local environment.  

For Documentation or Translation tasks, you will need to create an account the Joomla Documentation site BEFORE the event.

To exchange ideas and ask questions, you will need to have Glip Chatroom account.

Participants will receive additional information closer to the event.​

​Where can I find out more information about PBF
The Pizza, Bugs and Fun or PBF site, https://www.pizza-bugs-fun.com/, has loads of information about the event, guides to get you started and more.  The site is "living" and expected to continually be updated up to and through the event on October 19th.

​How do I sign-up
The PBF website has a list of participating locations worldwide, but if you want to join us here in Chicagoland, sign-up is on the Joomla User Group Chicago North or JUGCN website.  JUGCN is lead by Danico's president, SD, who has been using Joomla since 2007.  Just let us know you are coming and we'll have the Pizza ready.

Got Questions? We are happy to answer (or find an answer if we don't know).  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Can't participate on Oct 19th but want to show your support? 

Gold, Video and Banner Sponsorship opportunities are available, see the PDF on the right.

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