Willie Nelson’s “Always On My Mind” was the Billboard number one country album of the year in 1982 earning two Grammy Awards. Selling records is not very different from SEO (search engine optimization), let us explain.

Popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo provide an avenue to strengthening SEO in brand awareness and amassing lead generation resulting in positive results for businesses. The result you want and the anthem Willie croons is keeping your business or product “always on mind” and at the top of the search results page for search engines. 

Additional SEO areas of consideration include:

Successful mobile marketing campaigns are achieved through ASO (app store optimization) - keywords, screenshot visuals, location, and reviews.  Relevant and competitive keywords direct your audience to your app and the visual screenshots hold their attention. Visually stimulating screenshots increase downloads by 30%. If the location of your business is applicable include a screenshot. Favorable user feedback on the app is priceless and should be encouraged.    

Voice searches of these digital assistants - Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, Google’s Now, and Apple’s Siri - beg a need for being the first in the list of results.  It is vital to stay current on your website updates, competitors’ trends and strategy.

Often underutilized local SEO influences visibility. Make sure your Google My Business and Apple Map listings are accurate and organic traffic is optimized.

SEO should lead your audience to your product or service so you appear always on top of mind in a quick and easy manner.