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64 GB SanDisk on the Go

64 GB SanDisk on the Go

The other day I was talking with a friend, well we were arguing about an event and what really happened.  To settle it, my friend pulled out their smartphone and scrolled through their images to find the one that would prove one way or another, who was right.  As we waited for the search end, my friend commented that they had to "clean up" to free up space.  

This caused a turn in the conversation to data storage, physical vs. cloud and so on.  For computers we can plug in a USB drive, push to a cloud account and the like.  What about our mobile devices and tablets?  Depending on your mobile device there may be a built-in method of storing "off-device" but what about sharing with others - assuming you are not using Facebook or something?  What about when stuck on the road?

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