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Last Taste

Last Taste

This week we are reminded that we are in Chicagoland with the dipping temperatures and winds.  But before we succumb to the snow, why not take a last taste at the area food trucks.  I admit to being glued to my TV watching the food truck competitions unfold.  It's our chance, even here in the 'burbs to have the food truck experience. The two I am considering going to are in the northwest suburbs of Rolling Meadows and Schaumburg.  

 The Rolling Meadows location is right at City Hall (3600 Kirchoff Road) and is the last one this year.  Based on their website, it looks like there is more than just food. The Schaumburg location at Schaumburg Boomers Stadium (1999 Springinsguth Rd) and is much longer than the Rolling Meadows event, going to 7pm.  That leaves time to go to both.  This event is called Truckin' Around - Food Truck Extravaganza  and they even include a cooking demonstration.   If you go, share which truck(s) you liked. 


© Image credit: mrdoomits / 123RF Stock Photo