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App for my Inner Cookie Monster

App for my Inner Cookie Monster

A little known fact about me, I used to be a Girl Scout.  It was only for a few months but it was long enough to appreciate their mission ("Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.”) and develop my love of their Thin Mints, Trefolis and … well their cookies.  In past years, I’ve relied on office co-workers to come around with their order sheets for my yearly fix.  However, with the transition to Danico full-time, I’ve missed out.  Sure, I would come across a stand or two at shops in my neighborhood, but usually after they’ve sold out of my favorites.  Not this year!

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Social Media Resources for NonProfit

A quick Techie Tuesday post, I thought you might find this article on Social Media resources for non-profits from Decoda Literacy Solutions.  If you visit often you know that I/we are big on supporting nonprofit organizations, especially those in our backyard.  They look like they might have a couple of good reads listed.

Article: Tech Tuesday: Social Media for Non-Profits by Decoda Literacy Solutions