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Here's to a great 2013!
Flipping channels, I paused the remote long enough to see an initial interview with a sales guy and a new client on some reality show. The sales rep kept saying something to the effect that there are a lot of options - over and over and over. Followed by repeatedly asking the client if they liked any of the options set before them. I sat there thinking, "You need to give them something to react to".
inc.com | Inc Magazine | Kevin Daum | November 14, 2012 | 5 Things Really Smart People Do   Why we like it: Great tips for being a better listener, and…leader.  When you question, explore and engage, you are less likely to blindly follow. Good reminder to life learners of their love of learning, not the love of being right. &nbs
OMG, Dec 31st is almost here!  I can't thank you enough for hanging out with us!   As we wrap up this year's deliverables and squeeze in client meetings before the holidays, we look forward to spending some time with friends and family.  This year was a good year and 2013 is shaping up to be even better.  We've said it before, a
uxmag.com | UX Magazine | Tania Lang | December 3, 2012 |  Content Sharing and Social Networking Buttons : How do users distribute what they like?   Why we like it: We receive questions all the time from clients about levering social media and typically we circle around on the "how".  We focus on user experience with an eye on SEO. &
In a few short days, 2012 will come to a close.  Amid the holiday cheer and madness, maybe do a little reflecting.  While it is not always fun it is crucial for success.  Throughout the year, review of individual objectives is done but at the end of the year is when a long hard and honest look at things is needed.  This reflection sets the tone for the new and successful new year. With that, here are 5 things to do before the New Year.
Thank You! To the men and women who served so gallantly. To those who continue to serve, may this day find you well, safe and in good spirits knowing you are appreciated.
The other day I had the opportunity to speak with Brian Pirkle from Cvent, an Online Event Registration & Event Management Software company.  Like other event planners in the area I'd received invites to come to a seminar to hear about their product.  Since I started in technology and moved into event planning, I wanted to know more about a tech driven event planning company.
websitemagazine.com | Peter Prestipino | November 1, 2012 |  Web Experience Design for Socialists Why we like it: Often we hear from our clients about the desire to create a combined activity stream of all of their social streams.  We have found many jQuery snippets and this one peaks our curiosity. It seems pretty flexible and the first
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