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Thank You! To the men and women who served so gallantly. To those who continue to serve, may this day find you well, safe and in good spirits knowing you are appreciated.
The other day I had the opportunity to speak with Brian Pirkle from Cvent, an Online Event Registration & Event Management Software company.  Like other event planners in the area I'd received invites to come to a seminar to hear about their product.  Since I started in technology and moved into event planning, I wanted to know more about a tech driven event planning company.
websitemagazine.com | Peter Prestipino | November 1, 2012 |  Web Experience Design for Socialists Why we like it: Often we hear from our clients about the desire to create a combined activity stream of all of their social streams.  We have found many jQuery snippets and this one peaks our curiosity. It seems pretty flexible and the first
FastCompany.com | Christina Chaey | November 2, 2012 | How Seamless Defied Sandy, Kept The Hot Meals Coming, And Inspired Twitter Love
From time to time, we are asked about what we read.  Here are some articles we thought you might enjoy: No Excuses Entrepreneur.com | Nadia Goodman | August 30, 2012 | 4 Ways to Stop Making Excuses and Follow Your Passion
Last week the media outlets were buzzing with news about the trial between Apple and Samsung. While I am a consumer of Apple products (iPhone, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iPod), I also have PC products (Acer netbooks, Dell computers).  Until this year, I was also a Nokia and Blackberry consumer.  So, I think I have a pretty balanced view.
You're starting to feel defeated and unsure. You've questioned, researched and developed possible solutions, but have not moved forward with implementing any of them. You're mind is filled with even more questions. The questions could cover strategic direction, client impact or other. For example: Is it a good opportunity? Is it the right opportunity? Is it in the right industry? Does it fit my niche market? Does it solve the right problem? Is it the right solution? and lastly.. Are the right people involved? And so on…
The other day when I took delivery of the special gift I created for some dear friends, I was struck by the little symbol that sat unassuming on the bottom backside of the simple packaging. It was a universally recognized reminder of the vendor responsible for creating my most recent masterpiece. That was the inspiration behind today's article - branding. Everyone knows it when they see it and all businesses long to create one - Danico included.
National Small Business Week May 20th began the sixth year of the National Small Business Week (NSBW) hosted by the Small Business Association (SBA).  This event honors and empowers small businesses nationwide.