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Sometimes it seems that the little guy, in this case small business gets the raw end of the deal with each new policy change.  This time it is hard to argue that we are not.  CNNMoney reported on the latest policy change regarding the issuance of 1099s.  The policy today is any worker that is paid $600 or more is issued a 1099.  A worker is in person typically not apart of company (think independent consultant) that is not an employee for which withholding tax is held.  The new rule slated to go in 2012, requires
Often I hear about work-life balance in terms of parents, most often MOMS. As Father's Day has just passed there are a number of posts about work-life balance in terms on DADS.  It is not hard to see why, the "traditional" roles are not the norm.  Internet search on "work-life balance dads" and you will see what I mean.  Here are a couple that I en