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While we plan all type of events, fundraisers are our favorite.  We like doing our part in helping worthy and worthwhile organizations raise funds for their services and programs.  The galas and golf outings we're apart of are often the major fundraising events of the year for our clients.  In planning these events there are many moving parts and to handle them all requires: planning, creativity and a great team.  The team is not just Danico nor the client.  It includes vendor partners.  Our vendor partners help us to help our clients, create a GREAT event.   So how do we select our vendor partners?  What qualities do we look for?
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  Formal attire - check. Gala fundraiser event ticket - check.  Mobile device - check.   That's what all of the best dressed guests may have at your next event.  It makes sense given that last year in the US, we topped 1 billion smartphone users.  Gala committees and boards may be thinking it is time to do away with the paper, make it easier to separate guests from their money, I mean raise funds.     Paper is cheap and easy Yeah, I know you want to get rid of paper but let's briefly look at the cost of using a paper process just so you have a clear baseline.    
Event season is nearly upon us. One of the many tasks is a site visit.  Every planner does it and you should too. There are many checklists on the web, in books etc. but none of them will speak exactly to your situation.  Over the years I can say I have never used the exact same checklist twice and I've been working events for a decade. Each time some addition/subtractions are necessary. 
entrepreneur.com | Entrepreneur Magazine | Stephanie Vozza | Jan 2, 2013 | Forget Your To-Do List: The 3 Lists Every Entrepreneur Needs Why we like it: We admit it, we are addicted to productivity tools - especially lists.  Paper or electronic, all-inclusive or segmented, we try them all.  So naturally when we saw the title we had to read it.  What we especially liked is the reminder of the things that bog us down and should not be on the list.
Here's to a great 2013!
Flipping channels, I paused the remote long enough to see an initial interview with a sales guy and a new client on some reality show. The sales rep kept saying something to the effect that there are a lot of options - over and over and over. Followed by repeatedly asking the client if they liked any of the options set before them. I sat there thinking, "You need to give them something to react to".
inc.com | Inc Magazine | Kevin Daum | November 14, 2012 | 5 Things Really Smart People Do   Why we like it: Great tips for being a better listener, and…leader.  When you question, explore and engage, you are less likely to blindly follow. Good reminder to life learners of their love of learning, not the love of being right. &nbs