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My dad, as you might have figured out, is my best friend. He and I talk nearly everyday about nearly everything - business that is. Despite being my best friend there are still some things don't want to discuss with dad.    The other day I called and he followed the normal, tell me something good with "I know you worked hard today but did you make any money."    That got me thinking about the busy work we sometimes find ourselves engaging in. For me it may be avoidance of a more difficult task to work on something that could be delegated or is simply just more fun. | Inc Magazine | Young Entrepreneur Council | Jun 21, 2013 | Getting Press: 8 Tips for Going Hyperlocal   Why I like it: First, it is advise for and from up-and-coming-newly-successful-and-young business owners.  It encourages story telling of the business and connections the owners have to their communities.  With so many news outlets focused on national and world events, local news reporters are looking for stories relevant for their markets.  These tips are especially helpful for non-profits looking to make connections with media outlets to help spread the word of their services, programs and fundraising events.   Which tip inspires you?
In case you missed it, this week marks the 50th Anniversary of National Small Business Week   This week of national recognition of the
Here's the next installment of our reading list.  In addition to some of our favorite online sources, based on suggestions from readers like you, we've added a couple new ones to the list. Enjoy!
One of my dad's favorite phrases is "Tell me something good".  It is the second thing he says right after "hello".  Clients feel the same way.  They want to know that the time/effort/money spent on their website/event/print materials was worth it.  They want to know there are no issues and everything is running smoothly.  They want to know that all they need to do is sit back and do nothing - all is taken care of.