During this time, we are temporarily suspending in-person meetings.  
To keep in contact with our clients, we are holding meetings via Zoom.
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Today, there is no shortage of ways to create a website, it's almost like getting fries with your sandwich at your favorite restaurant it just comes on the plate. Everywhere you look there is a free website attached. The problem with that is, what you do with it once you get it. A client said to me once that they built their own site but was stuck on the content.  Looking around the web I've seen where a site is made up of several social media widgets with very little original content.   It's like the site owner knew they needed a web presence but didn't know what to do with it or underestimated the time it takes to maintain it.  Having a web presence is great but having a good web presence is even better.  
Whew! All done…well, almost!The prizes have been awarded, auction items carried off to their new homes and the decorations have been packed away.The e
The venue is booked, the meal selected, the RSPV's are in, and now is the event sprint for the BIG DAY.  For me this is the best part.
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While we plan all type of events, fundraisers are our favorite.  We like doing our part in helping worthy and worthwhile organizations raise funds for their services and programs.  The galas and golf outings we're apart of are often the major fundraising events of the year for our clients.  In planning these events there are many moving parts and to handle them all requires: planning, creativity and a great team.  The team is not just Danico nor the client.  It includes vendor partners.  Our vendor partners help us to help our clients, create a GREAT event.   So how do we select our vendor partners?  What qualities do we look for?
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