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One of our favorite extensions is RSForms! Pro. We use it a lot! Awhile ago we created a form for one of our clients with textboxes, dropdown lists, etc and connected it with a RSEvents! Pro event.  Then the client asked that one of the dropdown lists be required. Ok, so change the validation from no to yes. All done, right?  Well, not qu...
There’s a huge fight happening in your Facebook News Feed right now - and we’re not talking about all those guys from your high school arguing about political memes.
The Joomla! Project and the Production Leadership Team are proud to announce the release of Joomla! 3.6.2.
The sidebar, an unsung page element long taken for granted, but often used
It is not often that I say I'm curious about a new Microsoft release but here I am saying just that. Last September, Microsoft introduced a new planning tool  that is apart of the Work Management tools. The planning tool is called Microsoft Planner . If you've used Jira or Trello , you will find this tool very familiar. This tool is available ...
I like to learn and keep up on many subjects, Social Media Marketing is one of them. In addition to reading books, magazines and blogs, I also like to listen to podcasts. In reading 18 Social Media Marketing Podcasts in Search Engine Journal where Erin Robbins O'Brien compiled a list of digital and social media marketing podcasts, I realized I was
SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is necessary for helping potential customers find you on the Internet where there are millions upon millions of pages and sites are created daily. While SEO is not a new idea, it has changed throughout the years.  Google, Bing, Yahoo and others search engines influence how customer's searches reach your we...
​This infographic has some interesting information about the web design and development industry. A couple of things that jumped out at me where the fact that females is still low at 12% and favorite CMS, Joomla!, is one of the most popular platforms. What jumps out at you?
A long time favorite extension builder, NoNumber, has changed its name. If you are unfamiliar with NoNumber, now Regular Labs, now is a great time to get to know them. I use many of the extensions such as Modals and Sliders when creating Joomla! sites. They have both free and paid versions. For those already familiar, it may take a minute to get us