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Over a decade leading event management solutions for businesses and non-profits.  

Event Services


Consulting and logistics, with visit to venue

Equipment and Software Setup

We supply our own computers and printers

Registration and Check-Out

Efficient flow of processes


Promotional collateral and online presence


Event and financial reporting


Detailed recap including insights for next event

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22 November 2018
Today as I prepare to sit down with family and friends, I cannot help but take a moment to think about how grateful I am to have so many people who love and support me.  I am also grateful for the people and companies I get to help reach their g...
05 October 2018
You've heard about Columbus discovering American, but do you know how the Columbus Day holiday came to be?  It was proclaimed in 1937 by Franklin D. Roosevelt and for many is a celebration of Italian-American Heritage.  Learn a more about t...
16 September 2018
The other day I was speaking with a client about the upcoming JoomlaCamp Chicago event that is this Saturday, September 22nd at DePaul University's Loop Campus. I was giving him some lighthearted ribbing about not having registered and his reply caug...